Sentry Data Systems Acquires Agilum Healthcare Intelligence

insight to improve service line costs and margins

Agilum provides timely, accurate information to help you improve costs and profitability of your service lines.

hardwire productivity into your organization

Manage departmental productivity with Agilum’s metric-driven
daily productivity solution.

improve collections and net revenues

Agilum delivers daily, automated revenue cycle indicators with instant drill down to the patient transaction details.

Real-time visibility into provider performance

Agilum helps your Finance department quickly and easily monitor and improve practice costs and margins, along with physician engagement and productivity.

software solutions

agilum empowers
you to make
effective changes

  • Improve service line costs and margins
  • Manage productivity to established benchmarks
  • Improve physician engagement and productivity
  • Enable collaboration across your entire management team
  • Establish a “single source of truth” for critical management information
  • Comprehensive cloud-based BI package with data warehouse, Extract Transform and Load (ETL) processes, pre-built solutions, and advanced analytical engine
  • Secure, browser based access

into the industry

business intelligence you can understand

  • Timely and accurate information on costs, profitability, and productivity metrics at the service line and department levels
  • Proactive department dashboards and alerts
  • Summary information to detail data in seconds
  • Enterprise wide collaboration with one “source of truth”
  • Catalyst for performance improvement initiatives

Agilum’s implementation services and post-live support are outstanding. They have an excellent team to help their clients get the best out of the BI system.